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    Anonymous asked: That Joey thing was just a joke you know? I've been a bsb fan for 15 years, could care less about NSYNC, and even I read it as a joke. i mean, BSB & NSYNC are friends. Friends say that kind of stuff. They're allowed to. No need to bash the man.

    Gonna have to disagree with you there. “They need the money…. No offense guys”. Does not seem like a joke to me. And even if it WAS meant to be a joke… He should have been like “just kidding” or something, but he did nothing to make it seem like a joke. Seems like he’s bitter and now that people are bombarding him with tweets he’s going “oh crap!”

    lol k fucK YOU JOEY FATONE. you irrelevant asshole. saying the Backstreet Boys “came back (???????)” just because they needed money? first of all, they have been doing this for 21 years straight… there was no “coming back” necessary. secondly, they are STILL TOURING AND SELLING OUT ARENAS ALL OVER THE WORLD to make their money and you…. well….. you have lowered yourself to being in a Bosley Hair Restoration commercial bc you have no talent to be able to do anything else with. oh and everyone knows you’d come SPRINTING back to nsync in order to rake in as much dough as possible (if only any part of justin even KIND OF wanted an nsync reunion). grow the fuck up and accept the fact that the backstreet boys have continued with their successful careers when you were not able to.

    dumbmisfit asked: YOU ARE WELCOMEEE<3. Indeed!! He was so gorgeous and stunning back then, and now he still is but, ughh. He should be illegal kajshdkjas. And omfg it's nice to know someone who feels exactly like I do towards him :)

    hes my favorite!! he literally looked the most perfect that a person can possibly look in his late 90s stage. perfection.

    Brian giving people in the Fanpit their money’s worth
    dumbmisfit asked: DAMN GIRL! I really love your new icon. Brian looks so stunning<3.

    THANK YOU :) haha i love that everyone loves it as much as i do. he’s gorgeousss with those brunette curls man